I give plain simple advice to businesses on digital transformation, creating products, building teams, and moving to the cloud


Lend a hand any stage

The beginning of a beautiful friendship

I can help you scope out your project in its earliest stages, organise project discovery workshops, help create prototypes to win investment or pitches, and start building your first team.

Run Forest, run!

You’ve got going but there’s icebergs ahead. Nipping problems in the bud before they get out of a control is a challenge – but get ahead and it’s a breeze. Here I can offer advice from working for many years with companies while they’ve grown.

Huston, we have a problem

Legacy systems getting in your way? It happens – and there is a way out. Having worked with mature global FTSE100 companies, I’ve seen the worst, and I’ve seen how to get out of it.


Jargon-free zone

There’s too many acronyms and buzzwords for anybody to cope with, so I try not to use them (or at least I’ll translate them). Just plain English and plain simple advice.

Over a decade of experience

I’ve been working with the web for 15 years, as a programmer, developer, and technical architect. I’ve helped everybody from one-person startups to FTSE100 companies forge their way through the web.


When you ask for advice from a company that makes a product, they’re probably going to tell you to use their product. Free from the shackles of bias, I can give you advice without influence.